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What Service We Offer

HHEC delivers necessary care and support through our trained expertise and professionals. We believe in taking pride in being the best by providing invaluable contribution towards our elderly care.

Block A / Critical Nursing 24/7 care

Critical care, Alzheimer’s & related dementia care, post hospital recovery care, long term palliative care, disability care and physiotherapy. We give a comprehensive care under the supervision of medical doctor and a full time nurse with geriatrician caregivers.

Block B/ Assisted Living Care

A residence for elderly, provides necessary day to day care and assistance in daily activities in the comfort and in a homely environment with their meals and life services, also provides lifestyles consultation and safety confirmation services to ensure residents safety and well being. Residents can make use of elderly care services as needed to their personal situation. Residence with health and welfare 24/7 services, a residential personal assisted living care under premium standard facility.

Block C/ Assisted Living Care

24/7 residential assisted living care under average standard facility. A residence for elderly who want to live their lives in a homely environment.

Block D/ Day Care Center & Assisted living under Luxury standard

Day care centre service is available to senior citizens under care for assistance with daily activities, also covers care in grooming and bathing, lunch and daily recreation with pick up and drop off facilities as needed. This is open for elders who are mentally fit and physically unwell too, we have caregivers to carry them and put in the vehicle and take care in the day time unless a drop at home base. With regular doctor check up medical wellness including physiotherapy services.

In home care: Elderly Care Services at the resident of elders

This Male and Female caregiver’s service is a home – base care support for elderly provides a safe and healthy environment for sick, paralysis or normal elders with comprehensive care required as on day to day daily care service by two day shift and night shift caregivers for short term or long term, s/he will be serving day to day care, cleaning, laundry, bathing and health management at the resident of elders.

Hospital Management services

We provide hospitalization services for elders, where our staff will accompany elders for each visits to the hospital and the doctors clinic, in the case of hospital stay our caregiver will take care throughout at the hospital stay in the day and night shift service. A health update will be provided to the family on a regular basis.

Alcohol withdrawal care for elders

We provide care and counselling under 24/7 care and support through our trained attendance at our homely, love and care environment, engaging them through activity and keeping them engaged under exacting supervision and care.

Office Desk from Manager provides assistance for elderly care service information provides to elders through telephone services

Our office managers provides assistance for elderly care to comfort care and provide any type of service information and also help with designing a care plan , act as an intermediary between customers and our office, and help find the right type of services for elderly. This also includes rental and management of elderly welfare equipments. Our office will inquire about the physical condition and living environment of the users and select and recommended welfare equipments too.

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Pioneering in Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Care Centers in Nepal, Hope Hermitage Elderly Care (HHEC) holds a decade of triumph in delivering a dignified life for Senior Citizens. HHEC is staffed by geriatric trained professionals that offer full range of services to elderly ensuring their physical, mental and psychological well-being. HHEC takes pride to call ourselves the second home for elderly where they are nurtured with warmth, comfort and a surrounding relieved of daily chores enabling enjoyment of living and socializing with likeminded residents, enjoying old age; adding years to life in good health.

Who We Are

HHEC is an Elderly home where facilities and comforts are ensured aligned to physical, mental and psychological well-being of the elderly. Hope Hermitage exchanges best practices that aims to improve the quality of care and services in Nepal improving the quality of life experienced by clients of providers of elderly care and services.

The integrity and care provided by staffs here at Hope Hermitage is exactly the same I would have been offered by my family member.

    Saraswoti Ama

    I want to thank Hope Hermitage for taking special care of my mom and dad. I wish I could spend some more time at Kathmandu with my lovely parents but having Hope Hermitage there made much easier for me

      Clients’ guardian

      Hope Hermitage’s patience and concern toward my mother’s situation was truly helpful. I don’t know what would I do without the support from your expert team.

        Client’s Guardian

        In-care home services by Hope Hermitage has made it easier for me to balance my work and personal life. My mother who is not much of an out-goer is now being taken care by the expert at home itself.

          Client’s Guardian

          Hope Hermitage is my home now. I am provided with proper care, nutritious food, regular health check-up and most importantly, care takers are my family now. They know what I need and it is amusing to listen to their stories

            Basnyat Buwa

            The integrity and care provided by staffs here at Hope Hermitage is exactly the same I would have been offered by my family member.

            Saraswoti Ama

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