The objective of the HH is to promote the wellbeing of senior citizens and help them engage in different creative, motivational and recreational activities, providing services, care and support that suit their specific needs.


HHEC is a Elderly home with assurance of living in dignity where facilities and comforts are ensured aligned to physical, mental and psychological well-being of the elderly, after invested many years of your time in brining your kids up and gain a social status and now it is a second home that you will be surrounded by warmth, comfort and fully relieved of daily chores to enable enjoyment of living and socializing with likeminded residents, enjoying old age and adding years to life in good health.

HHEC delivers necessary care and support through our trained expertise and professionals. We believe in taking pride in being the best by providing invaluable contribution towards our elderly care. Life at HHEC is very homely, joyful and immense care facilities. All the health/medical related services will be provided by adjoining care from Norvic International Hospital.

Facilitate, care, support and motivate Senior Citizens to live a healthy and fulfilling social life

A Nepali society that has positive attitude towards senior citizens where the elderly people can have better environment to live a dignified life

We live by the following values:

Quality: We are committed to excellence in the service and care we provide
Respect: We promote a culture for creating and maintaining mutual respect